α + ο - is a collaborative curatorial practice, observing objects as its primary focus. It aims to engage the viewer in a conversation about pop culture, through the mix of objects, from leftovers to art pieces to consumables. Through the prism of α + ο -, objects are seen as the notes and tones used to write music, or the combinations of signs supporting languages and speech. 

The research process of α + ο - starts with a constant onlooker attitude, often discovering objects by chance while being on the move. It is then refined via multiple phases of selection, extraction, juxtaposition, and presentation.

The selection stems from a careful validation process with visual appeal, heterogeneity, social values and cultural idioms as criteria. 

A photoshoot of the objects constitutes the extraction phase. The pictures are processed as clipped pack-shots to appear ‘neutral’ and disconnected from ‘real-life’ situations. 

The website a-plus-o-min.us is a showcase, a collection, a catalogue, a database connecting, juxtaposing, and mixing cross-cultural elements (objects). 

In physical contexts of presentation, such as an exhibition context or a nightclub, objects can be presented and used as ready-mades, gestures, ingredients, or even representations. 

Inspired by advertising and merchandising methods as well as attitudes inherited from the contemporary art field, α + ο - engages critical thinking on the relations of humans with consumerism.

α + ο -
Arthur Fouray
α + ο -
Nastassia Cougoulat Montel


Exhibition Making
Arthur Fouray
a plus o minus

before Arts

A utopia researching
times as clouds of 
rumors, for works
are complex words, 
and arts shifting 



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