PPP+ is a game of associations, a corpus of possibilities where prospects and projects can form storyboards, narratives, scripts, events, and exhibitions. In two words: Oblique Strategies. It is a toolbox, a database stemming from a theoretical strategy: to sketch 100 projects on a weekly basis.

PPP+ serves as an acronym for Projects Prospects Possibilities +, as a designation similar to units of measurement such as miles per hour (mph) or protocols such as peer-to-peer (P2P) and the World Wide Web (www). It can be viewed as a fictional and subjective method for quantifying or qualifying the emergence of ideas and conceptions as blueprints.

PPP+ is composed of collections containing both text and images. The image’s content defines the title of the collection itself, ranging from photography to drawing to objects. The compendium first spreads digitally through social media platforms, then generates collections of cards on the website rt4a.systems, which serve as a template for real physical playing cards. The use of these different mediums aims to contextualize PPP+ in collective and open-source contexts. The core of PPP+ is suspense, the tension between an stimuli and its concrete activation.

A project can be done, poorly done, not done. It can be self-censored, too large or too small to be done, too idealistic or unrealistic to be done.

A prospect can evolve into a work, a series of works, a presentation, a representation, a utopia, or a dystopia.

A possibility can be linked to another possibility, become one with multiple possibilities, or evolve into a universe, ever-transforming and ever-realizing.

Signs Bold Signs
Classic Script MN     Scripts
Tokyo Palace In Memoriam Instructions
Apple Garamond Light Objects
Architype Catalogue Soft Solid Works
Franklin Gothic extra Condensed Shows
Basel Grotesk Spaces
Stencil LT Contexts
NCM Std Medium Dreams


Exhibition Making
Arthur Fouray
a plus o minus

before Arts

A utopia researching
times as clouds of 
rumors, for works
are complex words, 
and arts shifting 



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