Entourage II


Collaborative artistic and curatorial project by Arthur Fouray & Nastassia Cougoulat Montel, on an invitation by Julien Gremaud, Think Tank.

Installation views by Julien Gremaud.

Around the Lucerne magazine on electronic cultures zweikommasieben, Entourage, organised by Think Tank and Call Super, British DJ invited for the occasion exclusively, were inserted the artistic interventions of a young Parisian duo of artists: α + ο -, for Arthur Fouray and Nastassia Cougoulat-Montel. 

The interventions fade into the experience of the Nightclubs, with ‘Nice People Stamp’ welcoming the onlooker inside the nightclub, a ‘Baby Blue Cocktail’ available at the bar, ‘α + ο - tarps’ and ‘Glossy Posters’ covering the walls, ‘Rings of Light’ behind the DJ booth, ‘Ice Lighting Gels’ spreading a blue atmosphere, ourshined by ‘Love Disco-Ball’, and finally a vitrine on the balcony of Romandie, a carte blanche to artist L**** K****, illuminated by ‘Black Light Lamps’. After a first edition in 2012 in the form of Bring Your Own Beamer, Think Tank tried the total aesthetic immersion in the spirit of α + ο -  answering their way to the minimalist graphics of zweikommasieben.

Black Light Lamps
Glossy Posters
Baby Blue Cocktail
Nice People Stamp
Love Disco-Ball
Ice Lighting Gels
α + ο - tarp
Rings of Light


Exhibition Making
Arthur Fouray
a plus o minus

before Arts

A utopia researching
times as clouds of 
rumors, for works
are complex words, 
and arts shifting 



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