The #aaafff series comprises acrylic paintings encapsulating distinct objects within their frames. These canvases effectively act as a protective casing or an envelope, safeguarding objects that remain unseen to the viewer. They are concealed within the frame, their presence hinted at through the paintings’ titles and labels.

The colour code ‘#aaafff’ is a HEX representation of a subtle shade of blue, connecting the initials A.F. (referencing Arthur Fouray) with a ubiquitous digital coding system. This particular colour has been chosen for its distinctive virtual nature – a hue that does not manifest in the tangible world, and for its associative potential with the artist’s initials. Each piece in the series attempts to reinterpret this virtual shade, resulting in multiple canvases that each possess a unique tint while adhering to a consistent muted blue palette. In every rendition, the tone is an amalgamation of neon pink, cobalt blue, and titanium white.

The use of blackout fabric, typically employed to block out light, stands as a metaphorical gesture in these paintings. It is stretched in a manner reminiscent of traditional cotton or linen canvases, yet suggesting a form of impenetrability. While blackout fabrics can be of any hue or even patterned, the chosen shade in this series mimics the appearance of natural, untreated fabrics, suggesting a simulacrum of authenticity.

On the surface, there is no overt indication that these paintings cover objects. Their depth may vary – some appearing thin and others more profound – but their shape remains consistently rectangular or circular (tondos). The title of each artwork pairs the series name, #aaafff, with the designation of the hidden object. The pale #aaafff blue hue serves as a beacon, prompting viewers to seek deeper understanding through the painting’s dimensions, title, and accompanying label.

The #aaafff series instigates a cognitive interplay akin to a whisper or rumour. As viewers engage with a #aaafff painting and contemplate the obscured object, the monochromatic expanse transforms into a dynamic interface: a bridge between the concealed object and the viewer’s imagination.


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Arthur Fouray
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